Fast, Accurate, Lightweight, & Tough


We heard you say you needed it to be lightweight.
We listened.

  • 3.125 lbs

    Combined weight of of the MedicECG™ and the Panasonic ToughPad™

  • CrushProof

    Protected by a Pelican™ case for
    fast and durable mobilization.

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Better intel. Life-saving treatment decisions.


  • Field diagnosis.

    In situations where seconds count, MedicECG™ is easy to deploy and operate. The results? Faster triage. Better information. Life-saving treatment decisions.

  • Early screening and risk prevention.

    Use MedicECG™ for early diagnosis of abnormal heart conditions before sending personnel to the field or off-base follow-up.

  • Base hospital use.

    The versatile MedicECG™ is a durable and highly portable solution for base hospital ECG testing.

  • Remote consultation.

    The MedicECG™ allows medics to transfer test results through field communication channels to experts who can assist with treatment decisions.

  • Automated interpretation.

    Intelligent algorithms highlight ECG rhythms that may elevate risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).


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